Daily Outfits: Coral & Pink

dailyoutfit 9.29.14daily outfit 8.28.13/6.12.14Tally:
Coral cropped shirt: 1
Navy skirt: 1
Neutral birkenstocks: 1
Black button tank top: 1
Pink corduroy skirt: 1
Brown sandals: 1

This time last year: September 30 (it was colder!).  Thanks for reading!

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Project 333: Fall 2014

I started including shoes this summer, and I’m continuing into the fall.  I started wearing 41 pieces in 1 month, then 33 pieces of clothing only for 3 months, now 33 pieces of clothing and shoes… progress!

I am likely overestimating how warm it will be this month.  At least this week it’s reaching near 80 degrees.  I will probably update at the end of the month to bring in sweaters, phase out sandals, and add a scarf or two.

For shoes I have 3 sandals, 3 boots, flats and my keds.

Here are the clothes I’m working with:

tank_blackIMG_2951IMG_2952IMG_3034IMG_3033IMG_3043blouse_stripedIMG_3025IMG_3035cardigan_blackcardigan_beigeIMG_3039IMG_2890IMG_3024shorts_purpleSkirt_navy blueIMG_3029IMG_3031dailyoutfit 7.10.14 - dressIMG_2954IMG_3041IMG_3044

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Project 333 Summer Recap: Tally & Outfits Worn

dailyoutfit 9.17.14What I learned: this was the first time I included shoes in my 33.  I allotted for six pair, and ended up using seven (2 pairs I wore only once, though).  It was easy until September, when the weather cooled.  Next summer, I will rotate in warm clothes during the last month.

I bought new (used) clothes in July, and this tank top is my favorite find.  I don’t have many patterned piece and I was glad to add one to the mix.  I love the cut and ruffles because it’s different from my usual!

Most wears: 
Black cardigan: 11
Black birkenstocks: 21
Brown sandals: 10
Neutral birkenstocks: 18

Least wears: 
Black spaghetti tank top: 1
Brown boots: 1
Sneakers: 1

Acquired: coral shirt, purple shorts, black dress, yellow polka dot tank, navy skirt, denim shorts

Minimized: black dress, white ¾ shirt, green tank top, red sweater, pink tank top, black striped tank top.

dailyoutfit 8.6.14IMG_2866dailyoutfit 9.9.14IMG_3019dailyoutfit 7.10.14 - dressIMG_3016dailyoutfit 9.20.14dailyoutfit 9.19.14IMG_2989dailyoutfit 8.6.14IMG_3006IMG_3012dailyoutfit 9.13.14dailyoutfit 9.12.14dailyoutfit 7.10.14 - dressdailyoutfit 9.10.14dailyoutfit 9.8.14dailyoutfit 9.9.14dailyoutfit 8.6.14dailyoutfit 9.3.13/9.12.13/8.5.14dailyoutfit 9.4.14dailyoutfit 9.3.14IMG_2982IMG_2866IMG_2913IMG_2970IMG_2866IMG_2966IMG_2969IMG_2905dailyoufit 7.8.14dailyoutfit 7.21.14/7.25.14daily outfit 6.1.13/8.6.14IMG_2976dailyoutfit 8.19.14dailyoutfit 8.18.14IMG_2866dailyoutfit 8.15.14dailyoutfit 7.10.14 - dressIMG_2968IMG_2906daily outfit 6.12.13dailyoutfit 8.9.14dailyoutfit 8.8.14dailyoutfit 8.7.14daily outfit 6.1.13/8.6.14IMG_2896IMG_2912dailyoutfit 7.12.14IMG_2943IMG_2948IMG_2922IMG_2920daily outfit 7.9.13IMG_2943IMG_2910dailyoutfit 7.17.14dailyoutfit 7.16.14daily outfit 8.10.13/7.2.14/7.14.14dailyoutfit 7.13.14dailyoutfit 7.12.14dailyoutfit 7.10.14 - dressdaily outfit 7.18.13IMG_2902IMG_2919dailyoutfit 8.24.13daily outfit 8.10.13/7.2.14dailyoutfit 8.31.12/7.1.14

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Daily Outfits: Casual

IMG_2866dailyoutfit 8.6.14Tally:
Blue dress: 4
Black leggings: 4
Brown sandals: 10
Black button tank top: 7
Black cardigan: 11
Purple shorts: 6
Neutral birkenstocks: 18

I wore a sweatshirt over the blue dress.  I don’t think I’ve done that since I started this blog!  I love sweatshirts but I find that mixing them with my work or social clothes creates a more casual look than I what I’m aiming for.

This time last year: September 28.  Thanks for reading!

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Daily Outfits: Blue skirt, yellow shirt

IMG_3019dailyoutfit 9.9.14Tally:
Gray tank top: 7
Blue full skirt: 4
Brown sandals: 9
Yellow shirt: 6
Boot-cut jeans: 6
Sneakers: 1

These are some of my most eye-catching pieces.  The yellow because it’s the color of the sun, and the skirt because of the full cut and Indian fabric.  I wore both outfits with a black blazer.  I love that blazers add a professional touch to any outfit.

This time last year: September 24.  Thanks for reading!

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Daily Outfits: Mid-weather black

dailyoutfit 7.10.14 - dressIMG_3016Tally:
Black and colored dress: 4
Black leggings: 3
Black button tank top: 6
Boot-cut jeans: 5
Beige cardigan: 7
Black keds: 6

The past few days were characterized by fluctuating temperatures cardigan_beigeand a lot of walking.  I layered with short-sleeve tops, long bottoms, and a cardigan.

This time last year: September 23.  Thanks for reading!

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Avoiding Accumulation

IMG_2941I moved recently.  I moved from my parents’ house to a home with three roommates, where we are responsible for furnishing our own place.

It’s going great.  We came with a lot of what we need.  We’ve been able to shop thrift stores, Craigslist, and hand-me-downs for the rest.  We’re pretty frugal and we don’t want a cluttered home.

Before I moved, I started taking inventory of all my things.  All.  Of.  Them.  It’s a big task!  When it comes down to actually itemizing all your books, clothes, and little trinkets, you need a lot of time.  I haven’t finished the project.

My goals was to have an inventory before I moved, so I could keep an hawk’s eye on the stuff I accumulate after.  With more space to fill, I’ve been purchasing more than I usually do – kitchen stuff, coasters, picture frames.

I reread Mr Money Mustache’s Recovering from the Pack Rat Years and it made me realize that I’ll probably accumulate many more things while living here if I’m not careful.  MMM’s makes great points about owning things:

A Lifetime Burden – rather than think about the immediate pleasure of buying something, thing about the lifetime of owning the object.  Moving, cleaning, and repairing it, as well as putting it somewhere forever or until it moves to a landfill forever….

Some Objects Actually Simplify Life – for example, a smartphone instead of a phone and separate GPS system.  Investing in double- or triple-duty items may be worthwhile.

Never Go Shopping – I love this one.  Avoid temptation, don’t make buying stuff a leisure activity, and when you need something search for it and it alone.

Preventing Works Better Than Purging – regular purging helps to keep a handle on the things that creep life.  But it’s definitely better to never own them in the first place.  Say no to free stuff, think over purchases, keep an inventory.  It takes effort because things are so plentiful in the U.S., and it flies in the face of our cultural demands to buy more, bigger, and better stuff.  But it is so much simpler and in my experience, happier.

Thanks for reading!

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