To the beach!

I’m traveling, so I won’t be posting very often this week.  I’m looking forward to maxin’ out relaxin’ at the beach this week with my family.

I tried to pack light on clothes (not books), and here’s what I have:

IMG_2877 IMG_2868 IMG_2867 IMG_2892 dailyoutfit 7.10.14 - dress IMG_2887 IMG_2889IMG_2885(And my yellow cardigan.)  Thanks for reading!  Have a lovely week.

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Daily Outifts: Solids, low & high contrast

IMG_2943 dailyoutfit 7.12.14Tally:
Gray tank top: 3
Yellow cardigan: 1
Denim shorts: 5
Neutral birkenstocks: 7
Blue tank top: 2
Khaki shorts: 3
Black birkenstocks: 10

Tank tops and shorts are so comfortable and easy.  Especially blouse-y IMG_2894ones like this blue one with khakis can look well put together.  Simple touches like nail polish, earrings, and nice shoes make a look all the more intentional and styled.  Cardigans add another layer, literally and sophisticatedly!

This time last year: July 25 and 26.  Thanks for reading!


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Daily Outfits: Solids and light neutrals

Purple tank top: 2
White skirt: 1
Black birkenstocks: 9
Blue t-shirt: 2
Khaki shorts: 2
Brown flip-flops: 1

I highlighted the dark purple and white with a bold red belt and turquoise earrings.  With blue and khaki, I went subtle with brown tiger-eye earrings.

This time last year: July 23 and 24.  Thanks for reading!

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Daily Outfits: Mid-leg skirts

daily outfit 7.9.13IMG_2920Tally:
Black spaghetti tank: 1
Red flowered skirt: 1
Yellow t-shirt: 2
Black linen skirt: 1
Black birkenstocks: 8

I love how long skirts swish and feel so feminine.  Here paired with bright summery colors!

This time last year: July 21.  Thanks for reading!

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I moved!

IMG_2937Moving is tough.  It’s hard to tell how many things you truly have until you put them all in boxes!  Though I’ve pared down so much over the past several years, I was still overwhelmed by how many trips to the car it took to empty my old place.

At first I packed carefully: I packed by season and mixed books in with clothes so nothing would be too heavy.  I catalogued as I went.  But it came down to putting things wherever they fit.

I’m minimizing as I unpack, letting go of papers and cards and some clothes.  I am trying to be wary of every new thing that potentially enters my current house.  Some things can’t be avoided – a shower curtain and a couch, for instance.  By keeping an eye on things and double-checking all purchases, I hope to keep my list of possessions from exploding!


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Daily Outfits: Shades over denim

Black striped tank top: 1
Gray tank top: 2
Denim shorts: 4
Neutral birkenstocks: 6

Busy weekend – I moved!  Thankfully minimalism meant that I didn’t have too much to move – still, putting everything in boxes makes you realize how much you have to schlep.

This time last year: July 18, and 19.  Thanks for reading!

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Daily Outfits: Blue bottoms

daily outfit 8.10.13/7.2.14IMG_2923Tally:
Black button tank top: 1
Blue full skirt: 1
Black birkenstocks: 6
Green v-neck: 2
Striped tank top: 1
Dark denim shorts: 4
White crop shirt: 1
Denim shorts: 2
Neutral birkenstocks: 4

I road tripped to update New IMG_2914IMG_2903York this weekend with my brother and sister.  It was fantastic!  Cooler temperatures, gorgeous views, and sunshine.  I wore my dark denim shorts each day (and boot cut jeans at night) with a different shirt each day.

This time last year: July 15 and 16.  Thanks for reading!

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