Project 333: Summer 2014 revision

IMG_2891IMG_2949It’s Labor Day, and time to revise this summer’s 33 for the last month.  One thing that’s ready to go is my white skirt – no white shoes or bottoms after Labor Day!  I don’t know what that rule is based on, and though it seems arbitrary I like following little rules that make style decisions for me.  I’ll replace it with a pair of purple shorts I bought on consignment this summer.
This striped tank-top is a dud for me.  It’s a little faded, and isn’t a very flattering shape.  I bought it thrifted because I like black and white and I like the stripes.  But I don’t look forward to wearing it, so I’m donating it and  replacing it with this polka-dotted tank I bought on consignment.

IMG_2865IMG_2954I love this hand-me-down sundress.  Unfortunately, the zipper is broken.  I am debating getting it fixed because it’s a little tight on me and lower-cut than my preference.  It’s originally from Target, so not the highest quality.  In the meantime, I’m replacing it with this black dress I bought on consignment, which is more flattering and can be dressed up.

One more month, and then it will be time to break out scarves!  Thanks for reading : )

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Daily Outfit: Black & white with patterns

IMG_2970 IMG_2913Tally:
Black button tank top: 3
Red flowered skirt: 4
Beige cardigan: 2
Striped tank top: 3
White skirt: 6
Black birkenstocks: 19

Last day to wear white!  I can’t believe how quickly the summer passed, though I am looking IMG_2893forward to the season of boots, scarves, and layers.  Tomorrow I’ll switch out a few items from the 33 to as we
switch out of summer.

This time last year: August 31.  Thanks for reading!

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Daily Outfit: White & blue

White crop shirt: 4
Dark denim shorts: 6
Black birkenstocks: 17
Blue dress: 2
Beige cardigan: 1 (not pictured)
Brown flip-flops: 3

This time last year: August 29.  Thanks for reading!

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Daily Outfits: Wearing gray

Gray tank top: 6
White skirt: 5
Black cardigan: 5
Brown sandals: 5
Yellow shirt: 4
Gray denim skirt: 4
Black birkenstocks: 16

I wore layered necklaces with the gray tank, including a red IMG_2895pendant, pearls, and gray beads.  They added some texture and sparkle to the solid color look.  I wore a small white pendant to neutralize the bright yellow.

This time last year: August 24, 25, 27.  Thank you for reading!

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All you need is less

Allyouneedisless“I sometimes think I should just sell everything and start over.  I’m one person.  Why do I have so much stuff?  Why do I have a whole dining room set?”

“My problem is that I keep stuff.  Even if I don’t use it, I just keep things.”

These are recent comments from friends, and I’ve heard many like these.  It shows that the desire for less applies to more than just a few minimalists.

Why is it easy to acquire, and tough to let go?  Our economy is based on consumption, on producing things that need to be replaced quickly.  We’re taught that more is better.  Yet the consequences are glossed over, whether environmental or psychological.

Do you feel weighed down by your stuff?  Do you acquire things regularly or hold on to things you don’t use?  What is the hardest to let go?

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Daily Outfits: Solids

IMG_2976daily outfit 6.1.13/8.6.14Tally:
Blue t-shirt: 3
White skirt: 4
Neutral birkenstocks: 14
Yellow beaded dress: 3
Black cardigan: 4
Gray tank top: 5
Denim shorts: 6
Black keds: 2
Purple tank top: 4
Gray denim skirt: 3
dailyoutfit 7.21.14/7.25.14dailyoufit 7.8.14
This time last year: August 20, 21, 23.  Thanks for reading!

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Daily Outfits: Red flowers & gray denim

IMG_2965 IMG_2971Tally:
White crop shirt: 3
Red flowered skirt: 3
Neutral birkenstocks: 13
Black button tank top: 2
Gray denim skirt: 2
Brown sandals: 4

This time last year: August 17.  Thanks for reading!

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