Daily Oufits: Shades

dailyoutfit 11.27.13/10.11.14/12.17.14dailyoutfit 2.14.14/12.18.14Tally:
Striped blouse: 8
Black jeans: 12
Green wool scarf: 1
Black keds: 10
Gray sweater: 4
Black dress: 6
Brown boots: 9
Red scarf: 1
dailyoutfit 12.19.14dailyoutfit 11.15.14/12.20.14Flared jeans: 7
Purple scarf: 6
Black clogs: 3
Gray boots: 12

I’m back!  It’s nice to be home.  The trip was a great opportunity for me to get distance from work and think about my career.

I’ll finish Project 333 for this quarter, but I’m considering taking a break next quarter to focus on writing about minimalism and organizing.  We will see.  Thanks for reading!

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Daily Outfits: 2 Skirts, 2 Pants

dailyoutfit 1.29.14/11.6.14dailyoutfit 3.28.14Tally:
Brown striped sweater: 4
Purple skirt: 5
Nude fishnets: 6
Brown boots: 8
Yellow, brown, black scarf:
Gray shirt: 2
Flared jeans: 5
Purple scarf: 5
IMG_3130dailyoutfits 11.18.14Black keds: 9
Red sweater: 4
Navy skirt: 7
Brown tights: 3
Rainbow scarf: 4
Gray boots: 11
Purple sweater: 3
Boot-cut jeans: 10
Sneakers: 4

I’m heading out of town until December 17th, so I will be back that week.  Thanks for reading!

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Daily Oufits: Neutrals & Red

dailyoutfit 12.12.13dailyoutfit 11.28.13/11.7.14Tally:
Black sleeveless dress: 5
Striped blouse: 7
Black leggings: 4
Brown flats: 7
Beige patterned sweater: 4
Navy skirt: 6
Brown tights: 2
Gray boots: 10
IMG_3126IMG_3127Purple sweater: 2
Pink corduroy skirt: 6
Gray sweater: 2
Boot-cut jeans: 9
Red sweater: 3
Sneakers: 3
Purple scarf: 4

I took time off blogging this week to spend
dailyoutfit 2.5.14IMG_3094time with family and catch up on work (before I travel!).  It’s been almost two full years of tracking outfits.  I’m getting a lot out of Project 333, but I’m rethinking how I track it on my blog.

Thanks for reading!

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Daily Outfits: Neutrals & Bright Red

IMG_3108IMG_3104dailyoutfit 12.6.13/12.27.13/11.20/14Tally:
Purple sweater: 1
Boot-cut jeans: 7
Rain boots: 3
Striped blouse: 6
Military green sweater: 1
Pink corduroy skirt: 5

IMG_3122IMG_3124Nude fishnets: 5
Rainbow scarf: 3
Gray boots: 8
Gray shirt: 1
Black jeans: 11
Black clogs: 2
Blue striped scarf: 3
Black sleeveless dress: 4
Burgundy cardigan: 1
Black tights: 2
Red sweater: 2

I am turning a new leaf, and challenging myself to write 2 posts a week on this blog.  I love clothes and I think they’re important, but I’m ready to write more about minimalism.  So I’ll start tracking my clothes once a week, as I did here.  Thanks for reading!

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What Feels Right

albert-einstein-intuition-300x190Recent professional challenges have gotten me thinking – am I with the right company, doing the right kind of work?  It’s startling to think that the answer to those questions might be “no.”

My current job is full of great people.  I love the company values and enjoy the work.  But there are some parts of it that are difficult for me, and it makes me wonder:

How do you know when something isn’t right for you?

I’m thinking back to relationships.  It always came down to a gut feeling that something wasn’t right, and that’s when I knew the relationship should end.  My experience coming to minimalism was similar.  I felt wrong having so many things stored in my closet or under my bed, wrong having so many clothes I rarely wore.  When I learned that I didn’t have to, that I could choose to spend and own less, I felt amazingly liberated.

It helped with feelings of inferiority I had from school, too.  I used to feel frumpy and embarrassed by my limited means compared to wealthier friends.  Choosing the road less taken when it comes to accumulating stuff has helped my confidence and my feeling of being in the right place for me.  However, the fact that I can choose to own and have less is a marker of class privilege, and I must acknowledge that.

When it comes to my professional life, I don’t know what will happen.  We never truly know, no matter how many plans we make or how much we think we’re in control.  And though gut feelings of wrongness can motivate us to make positive changes, I have to remember that it’s impossible to do the wrong thing or be in the wrong place.  As The Beatles put it, “there’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.  It’s easy.”

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Project 333: Fall 2014 Revisited Again

I decided to amend my 33 for this Fall.  I already amended once, when I phased out warm-weather pieces for winter ones.  But new hand-me-downs plus scarf weather has led me to re-examine again.

It feels a bit like cheating.  Adding new pieces partway through three months defeats the purpose of Project 333, doesn’t it?  There is something to be said for sticking to the challenge of the same 33 pieces – that’s the goal.  But it’s important to be flexible.  Rigidly doing anything can make for resentment.  Besides, feeling good in my clothes helps me feel good in my life (and vice versa).  Wearing 33 original pieces out of principle instead of incorporating new ones defeats the purpose of feeling good and energized by clothing.

So here’s the rest of this quarter:

IMG_3095 IMG_3107 IMG_3101 sweater_gray_w sweater_red_w sweater_cream_w beige patterned sweaterblouse_stripelshirt_brown_stripes_wcardigan_peachcardigan_burgundy_wcardigan_blue

IMG_3102skirt_purple_wskirt_pink_wSkirt_navy blue_wpants_denim_blackpants_denim_flaredpants_denim_bootcutdress dailyoutfit 7.10.14 - dress_w dress_black_short_w

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Daily Outfits: 1 Dress, 2 Jeans

IMG_3089dailyoutfit 12.20.13One dress up day, and two casual, layering days.  Even days when I just want to be warm, a little style gives me energy – black jeans tucked into brown boots, or a yellow belt with a gray sweater.

Red sweater: 1
Black sleeveless dress: 3
IMG_3093scarf_blue patternedBlack tights: 1
Black heels: 1
Beige patterned sweater: 3
Black jeans: 9
Brown boots: 7
Gray sweater: 1
Flared jeans: 4
Blue patterned scarf: 4
Sneakers: 1

Thanks for reading!

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